Collingwood Warehouse Apartment

All our projects are special, but there are some that are just deeply satisfying – this was one of them! We were pushed to the design limits with the challenges we faced, but we think you will agree the outcome was worth it!

Our client lives in a converted warehouse apartment in inner city Melbourne. She is confident with colour and has a keen sense of personal style. Our brief was to redesign the kitchen and bathroom, introduce new shelving to the mezzanine, and add some finishing touches such as wallpaper and lighting to other areas. There were some ‘must haves’ that we needed to include…the Tom Dixon ‘Melt’ lights, flamingo wallpaper, a library ladder, and a copper bath. A blue and black resin dish was provided as the starting point for the colour palette. The bathroom design brief was to 'feel like you are under the sea'.

You can read more about the project, including 'before' photos here.