Starting from Scratch

When I first met my clients they were living in an inner city apartment and had just purchased a large family home which had been recently renovated. Their current furniture didn’t suit the style or scale of their new home, so they were looking to start from scratch. They were after a warm, comfortable, contemporary atmosphere in which they and their guests would feel at home. The starting point was the artwork they chose for their family room. We used the colours in the canvass, along with their existing black and white tiled bathrooms, as the inspiration to create a unifying colour palette.

Starting with the large family room, a base of charcoal and oak was selected for the Arthur G sofas, Globe West dining chairs and furniture. The scale of the furniture, particularly the Globe West dining table, is large so it isn’t dwarfed by the spacious room, and to allow plenty of room for guests. A chalk coloured rug by Armadillo & Co. brightens the space. The teal, mauve and grey soft furnishings add warmth and colour. The entertainment unit was custom made in American Oak by Relm Furniture. The Danish cane footstool is functional as well as being sculptural. The lounges and ottoman were deliberately placed to look out onto the garden and ensure the view is not interrupted. Side tables were selected to enable space flexibility and to ensure the rug could be retained as a soft play area for children.

Outdoors, the existing ‘love seat’ and a new outdoor lounge were provided with outdoor cushions that coordinated with the adjoining living area.

In the hallway a new pendant light and hall runner were selected to continue the black and white theme. The large size of the pendant better suits the scale of the entrance with its high ceilings.

In the main bedroom, a softer feel was required. The room was repainted in a softer blue and a new pendant light installed. The custom made flanged upholstered bedhead and velvet cushion for the bay window provide a softer feel with a touch of luxury. Texture and pattern was also important; leather, velvet, silk, bone inlay, oak and ceramic all work together in this tranquil room.