Hiring an Interior Designer can help save you time and money

Hiring an Interior Designer can seem like a luxury to some people, something you should only do if you have the money to create a luxurious home. In fact, the reality is very different! Have you ever spent money on a piece of furniture that you later regretted, spent days trying to work out what colour to paint your house, or ended up with a white/beige kitchen that everyone else has and doesn’t reflect your personality? If so, then engaging an Interior Designer would have likely saved you time, money and made your life better.

The top 3 reasons my clients are seeking help from an Interior Designer are:

1.       They are overwhelmed by the amount of choice and don’t know where to start. This can be what colour to paint their home, how to design their kitchen, what furniture to select, or how to renovate their entire home. They want professional help so they don’t waste their time or money. They want to be confident that their money is well spent and makes their life better.

2.       They don’t have the time to do the research. Their lives are busy and they don’t want to spend all of their spare time endlessly searching for the right products and services to help them. They want someone to do the legwork for them so they have more time to relax.

3.       They want to maximise the money they spend on their home. Interior Designers can access trade and wholesale pricing that you wouldn’t be able to access buying retail, especially for furniture, rugs, lighting, tiles, wallpaper, fabric and curtains. This can offset some or all of the cost of hiring an Interior Designer, and you can be confident that the items you have purchased are going to suit your needs and look fantastic!

Another fantastic reason to hire an Interior Designer is that your home will reflect your personality, your needs and be a pleasure to spend time in. Interior Designer Ilse Crawford put it beautifully when she said, “Good interior design…is about making life better. After all, inside buildings is where we live.” Make the most of your home, time and money by hiring an Interior Designer.

If you have a project (big or small) you would like help with, please contact me. I would love to hear more about it!

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