Kitchen design fundamentals

Whether you love or hate cooking, the kitchen is the one room where you need to get the design right! A kitchen should not only look good, it needs to be practical too. In our experience, there are three important reasons a kitchen needs to be well designed:

  1. Kitchens tend to be used for 15-20 years before they are replaced, that’s a long time to put up with something that annoys you!
  2. Kitchens tend to be the most expensive rooms to fit out
  3. Kitchens tend to be the ‘hub’ of the home and need to suit many different needs, as well as being appealing to visitors and future home occupiers

The design of a kitchen is a complex amalgamation of many different considerations. We start with a detailed brief based on our client’s individual requirements. This brief takes into account many things including:

  • What do you use the kitchen area for? This might seem obvious, but in our experience the kitchen is used for more than meal preparation, e.g. homework, working from home, entertaining, laundry
  • How many people will use the kitchen together? What are their ages? What are their individual requirements for the design, e.g. are they left handed or right handed, are they tall or short, do they have any disabilities?
  • Are there any cultural requirements?
  • Who is going to clean the kitchen and what requirements do they have?
  • What do you need to store - size, quantity, length of time?

And that is before we even discuss materials and the space for the kitchen!

As Interior Designers, we don’t take the one-size-fits-all approach. You won’t see a standard white kitchen designed by us. Every kitchen we design is uniquely designed to suit our clients’ and their space. We are able to do this by building a trusted relationship with our clients, having substantial knowledge about the myriad of products available, and being in touch with the latest technological advancements in kitchen design, such as those available from Blum.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation or a new kitchen and need some design help or want someone to organise it all for you, then we can help! Contact Meredith Lee on 0400 775 724 or email us.

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