Living room and dining room makeover – before and after

It is a fantastic feeling (for both me and my clients!) when a project comes to fruition. It is often a long journey from brief to completion, and sometimes it’s easy to forget how far the rooms have come after their makeover. This interior decoration project in particular was a significant design change. My client had downsized and wanted to start afresh. The only piece of furniture she wanted to retain was the coffee table. The brief was to lighten and calm the spaces, with a relaxed feel. She didn’t want any structural changes, so we worked with what was already there. She also needed to add storage.

I selected a white, blue, grey and tan base colour scheme to calm the spaces whilst retaining a warm feel that worked with the coffee table. There are some touches of luxury in the lounge with the velvet couch; whilst the dining room has a red tribal rug to add vibrancy. The architecture of the home is very rectangular, so I introduced curved elements, such as the round NOMI dining table legs and round mirror to soften the sharp corners of the rooms. The Vitsoe shelving unit in the dining room provides lots of storage and adds an architectural quality into the space.

The S-fold curtains add a stunning finishing touch. They go from floor to ceiling and add warmth, elegance and consistency to the living and dining rooms. They also have a practical element, hiding the uneven and very ordinary aluminium windows. They cover two entire walls from floor to ceiling, with blockout blinds hidden behind.

I thoroughly enjoyed bringing this interior to life, and I hope my client enjoys her newly decorated living room and dining room for many years to come!

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