Philosophy - Interior Designer Meredith Lee

Interior Designer Meredith Lee can help you with your residential, small scale commercial and retail projects. We love to work on all projects, whether it is a renovation, small revamp or new build.

Our philosophy is that great interior design should reflect the personality, and improve the lives, of those who inhabit the space. 

Hiring an Interior Designer is not a luxury. Meredith Lee can help save you time and money, and give you confidence to make decisions. We can find that perfect couch or bring your dream home to life without you spending all your spare time research and shopping. 

Our bespoke interior design services mean that you can have the solution that best suits your needs and budget.

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All of our interior and exterior design services begin with an in-depth design consultation to establish the brief based on your individual needs. This enables us to develop a personalised interior design approach to your design project. 

To discuss how we can help with your project, call Interior Designer, Meredith Lee on 0400 775 724 or contact us now.